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RouteConverter for Windows

[Image: route-converter_gpx-to-kml_2018-05-08_12-37-41.png]

RouteConverter is a free GPX to KML converter software for Windows. It is really simple to convert GPX to KML or even zipped KML i.e. KMZ file in this software. Just open a GPX file and use Save As option to convert it to a KML or KMZ file. It supports different KML files based on GPS data format, such as iGO8 Route, Google Earth 3, Google Earth 4, etc.
Before GPX to KML conversion, you can also view and edit the content of the GPX file.
o   It lets you edit a waypoint by modifying its description, coordinates, elevation, etc.
o   You can also change the location of a waypoint using the map.
o   Additionally, it lets you insert new points, delete existing ones, reorder them, etc.
o   Also, you can import data from another GPX file or any supported file to add to the current one.
Its other supported formats include TRK, CSV, RTE, LOG, ASC, etc. files.

[b]Home Page [/b]    [b] Download Page[/b]
Thanks given by: HowardJew , annetaegoogletay4161

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