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ITN Converter for Windows

[Image: ITNConverter_gpx-to-kml_2018-05-08_12-16-11.png]

[b]ITN Converter[/b] is a route planner as well as converter software for Windows. It supports quite a number of formats to convert, such as [i]GPX, KML, RTE, XML, ITF, WPT, ITN,[/i] etc.
In order to convert GPX to KML, import a GPX file, edit it accordingly, select export format as KML, and hit the [i]Export[/i] button. To edit the GPX file before conversion, it lets you [i]modify a waypoint, remove a waypoint, insert a new waypoint,[/i] and/or [i]reorder waypoints[/i]. It provides a dedicated [b]Editor[/b] feature which lets you edit the content of GPX file using the map.
This software can also be used to create a new track file in a supported format.

[b]Home Page [/b]    [b] Download Page[/b]
Thanks given by: RobertFAw

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